2017 GM Service Information (GMSi) ePromotion (CONNECTION)

How to Participate

Receive access to GMSi at no additional charge when qualified purchases are achieved. A $1,200 per year value! Click on the GMSi Brochure on the right to learn more about GMSi, or read more here.

ACDelco will continue to run the promotion for CONNECTION users to receive GMSi at no additional charge for the following month once they reach a target of $3,000 in ACDelco purchases, via CONNECTION in any given month.

  • This promotion is open to all CONNECTION customer types
  • CONNECTION user must click on the GM Service Information promotional link within the promotional dashboard to go to the registration site
  • User must complete the registration and click Submit
  • When the meter on the promotional dashboard reaches $3,000, the link to GMSi will become active and the user may log in
  • Customer must order $3,000 in ACDelco parts via CONNECTION in a given calendar month

CONNECTION users may combine their purchases from multiple Direct Accounts to count toward the GMSi ePromotion, as well as all other ACDelco nationally administered ePromotions.

NOTE: This promotion is not available to subscribers in Massachusetts.