GMSi For Premium ACDelco PSC Program Participants

How to Participate

  • Qualifying accounts will receive two emails to get set up. Emails based on the email address within the ACDelco Secondary Account Database.

    The first email will confirm that they have been approved as a new user.
    The second email will provide the User ID and password.

  • If an email address needs to be updated/changed, please contact your local ACDelco representative or the customer support center at 800.825.5886, prompt 0.
  • Once an account has its user ID and password, they may follow the link in the email to access GMSi.

At the GMSi website, you can find online information including:

  • Vehicle diagnostic and service repair manuals for GM vehicles from 1998 to present.
  • Collision Repair Manuals (1998 - present)
  • Campaigns, Service Bulletins and Preliminary Information for GM vehicles from 1980 to present.
  • GM Owner's Manuals and glove box supplements from 2003 to present.


  • Access to GMSi for all Premium ACDelco PSC accounts.


  • All Premium ACDelco PSC accounts are eligible to receive GMSi at no additional charge.
  • For security reasons, accounts that have access to GMSi will be asked to refresh passwords every 4 weeks.
  • ACDelco will monitor this promotion 3 times a year to review GMSi access eligibility.
  • All eSMART-reported ACDelco product purchases count toward establishing ACDelco PSC levels, thus qualifying for this promotion.

General Information

  • ACDelco reserves the right to change or modify this promotion at any time with 30 days' notification.
  • Access to GMSi is available to the general aftermarket through a subscription service.
    • Subscription access can be purchased in the following increments:
      • $20/3 days
      • $150/month

$1,200/year ($900 for Professional ACDelco PSC accounts: no charge for Premium PSC customers).

NOTE: This promotion is not available to subscribers in MA.