For every $3,000 in ACDelco products purchased each month via CONNECTION, users receive a promotion code, redeemable for a 2-day TIS2Web service programming subscription. CONNECTION users can earn up to ten (10) 2-day subscription promotions per month per account.

Effective Date: December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2017

How to Participate

  • This promotion is open to all CONNECTION customer types except GM Dealerships
  • CONNECTION users must click on the TIS2Web registration link within the promotional dashboard to register
  • User must complete the registration and click Submit
  • Customer must order $3,000 in ACDelco parts via CONNECTION in a given calendar month to earn one 2-day service programming subscription pass to TIS2Web
  • Each additional $3,000 of ACDelco parts purchased via CONNECTION in the same month, earns an additional 2-day access pass to TIS2Web
  • A maximum of ten (10) 2-day consecutive subscription passes may be earned in a single month

Reward Redemption and Usage

  • Promo codes will be sent by email to the account profile contact in CONNECTION the month after the promotion(s) are earned
  • If one or more rewards are earned in a single month, you will be emailed ONE (1) promo code redeemable for the all rewards you've earned that month (separate codes will NOT be provided for each promotion earned)
  • A new promo code will be sent for each subsequent month with qualifying purchases
  • Each 2-day service programming subscription earned is redeemable for two (2) consecutive days (48 hours) of access to TIS2Web service programming
  • Promo codes expire one year from receipt of email
  • All qualifying ACDelco purchases made through CONNECTION in a given month that are more or less than the $3,000 target, will carry forward**
  • Carry over amounts will apply toward reaching the next $3,000 target**

NOTE: *This promotion is not available to subscribers in Massachusetts

**$4,575 purchased in ACDelco parts via CONNECTION in a given month would earn the user one (1) two-day subscription. While the remaining $1,575 over the first $3,000 target will carry over to next month and apply toward the next $3,000 target.