Now more than ever before, it's important that you differentiate your shop from your competition, including aggressively marketing your shop. ACDelco makes it easy to do just that. With the extensive marketing components offered through ACDelco 1Store, it's simple to show your customers exactly what makes your shop the right choice.

ACDelco 1Store

From print and radio advertising to point-of-sale pieces and so much more, ACDelco 1Store is your one-stop source for ACDelco marketing materials.

The ACDelco custom advertising and point-of-sale builder allows you to easily build and customize your own print marketing and advertising materials, including danglers, counter mats, web banners, flyers, newsletters, in-store posters and more. These assets give you the flexibility to promote your business in a way that best reaches your customers.

ACDelco 1Store offerings include:

  • Logos
  • Product images
  • Merchandising and point-of-sale materials
  • ACDelco advertising - print and radio
  • Customizable print templates
  • Image program information and sign materials
  • ACDelco Professional Service Center Program information and more