Encourage your customers to play an active role in car care and safe driving through ACDelco's Knowledge Is Power car care seminar.

ACDelco's Knowledge Is Power car care seminar teaches consumers about vehicle maintenance and routine care. It empowers participants with the vital knowledge needed to make car-care decisions and troubleshoot minor problems.

We know shops are busy running their business, so the seminar kit includes everything needed for a successful event, including the presentation — which shops can customize — as well as templates and other materials to help announce a car care seminar event.

ACDelco's Knowledge Is Power offers you the opportunity to:

  • Cultivate an environment of trust and create advocates for your business
  • Learn key techniques for interacting with every customer who comes through your door
  • Show you are a trusted service provider and a trusted partner of the community, by teaching them:
    • How certain vehicle systems work and why they may need repair, replacement or maintenance
    • Symptoms, noises and smells that may indicate potential problems
    • Tips for safe motor vehicle travel
    • Child passenger safety and teen driving tips
    • How to accurately and completely describe vehicle concerns to a service advisor or technician

ACDelco's Knowledge Is Power program includes:

  • "All-New" car care seminar presentation with updated content, especially in the area of hybrid technology
  • Automotive System animations integrated into the car care seminar presentation to provide a visual summary of how each component of the system works together
  • Two versions of the presentation: (1) the original pastel colors as well as, (2) an all new red, white and blue version
  • A new consumer booklet for you to order or download


Order POS materials including: banners, posters, flyers and sell sheets or purchase "Knowledge is Power" merchandise from ACDelco 1Store.