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PG260 Starter

Light Duty V8 Gasoline Engines to 7.4 liters, Passenger Cars, Vans, Small Trucks, and Marine

ACDelco's Planetary Gear Drive (PG260) offers superior performance in a starter with exceptional durability. The PG260 is suitable for V8 gasoline engines of up to 7.4 liters for passenge cars, vans, trucks and marine applications.

The 4-pole, permanent magnet field consists of shunted Magnequench magnets mounted inside a zinc-chromated frame. No field coils are required. The armature is banded, impregnated and balanced for high performance and durability.

The armature drives the planetary gear set, which in turn is connected to a roller type overrunning drive.

The solenoid is sealed with an integral cover for maximum reliability with minimum weight, yet is still serviceable.

Four long-life brushes are used in radial brush holders with torsion springs. All brush rigging materials are corrosion resistant.

Figure A

System Voltage: 12 Volt
Rotation: Clockwise
Mounting: Flange or Pad Mount
Performance: 1.7 KW
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Check Mark  Superior Corrosion Protection
Check Mark Permanent Magnet field
Check Mark Sealed Solenoid
Check Mark Planetary Gear Reduction
Check Mark Service-Free Operation

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