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2009 Issue 6

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 6, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • Wheel and Tire Diagnosis
    • Balance
    • Radial Force Variation
    • Balancer Cones
  • ACDelco Launches Redesigned OE Oil Filter
  • New ACDelco RTV Engine Sealant
  • Tire Sealants
  • Winter Car Care
    • Batteries
    • Tires
    • Cooling System
  • Short Term SPS Subscription Now Available
  • Vibe PCM Calibrations Available via TIS2Web
  • 2010 MACS Convention Preview
  • TSS Q & A
  • Global Refrigerant Development Continues
  • TechTips
    • Manual Transmission Blocked Shift or Difficulty Shifting
    • Driveline Noises in 4WD
    • Steering Wheel Vibration
    • Slipping Clutch Conditions
    • No Power Steering Assist
    • Diagnostic Assistance
  • Training Update

2009 Issue 5

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • Power Steering Pump Service
    • Flush the System
    • Pulley Removal and Installation
    • New O-rings
    • Power Steering Fluid
    • Bleed Air Out of the System
  • Fretting Corrosion
    • Past Serviceability Issues
    • Evidence of Fretting
    • Causes of Fretting
    • Service Solution
  • Oil Change Service
    • Oil Filters
    • Oil Filter Cap
    • Oil Drain Plugs
  • New ACDelco Advantage Brake Rotors and Drums
  • GM VIN Changes
    • Trucks and MPVs
    • Cars
  • Rotating Electrical System Diagnosis
    • Charging System
    • Starter Diagnosis
    • Battery Performance
    • Fluid Contamination
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Tips
  • TSS Q&A
  • Battery Label Warranty Change
  • ASE Certification Tests
  • Tech Tips
    • Accessory Drive Belt Whine
    • "No Cap" Fuel Filler System
    • Audio System Noise When using Portable Playback Devices
    • Grunt Noise While Turning
  • Training Update
    • New Training
    • TechAssist Training (TAS)
    • Web-Based Training (WBT)
    • Current Instructor-Led Training
  • Readers' Rides

2009 Issue 4

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 4, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • Improving Internal Combustion with Direct Injection – How do you squeeze more power from the tried and true internal combustion engine? Apply Direct Injection (DI). Several GM engine families are already using DI with more on the horizon. Find out what the benefits of DI are.
  • Water Pump Service – It's something every engine needs to survive: a water pump-and it moves hundreds of gallons of coolant. Like all parts, eventually, it wears out. Learn service tips and installation
  • The Return of the Camaro – It's back and it's better than ever! We're talking about the all-new 2010 Chevy Camaro. The new Camaro has it all-classic styling cues, available 400-hp V8 with a precise 6-speed manual transmission in SS models and a taut performance suspension. Take a closer look behind the retro-inspired sheet metal of the new Camaro.
  • OEM Saab Diagnostics – Time is money. Tech 2 software lets you perform a quick system scan to request DTCs from all vehicle control modules in less than 10 seconds. Saab has been using the Tech 2 in their franchised dealerships since the late 1990s, but the software has been difficult to obtain in the aftermarket until now. Find out how you can easily purchase OEM diagnostic software for Saab.
  • Measuring Voltage Drop – How can you prevent damage to electrical motors? By performing a voltage drop check. Find out why this simple check is so important.
  • Recruit New Technicians with GM ASEP – Looking for a few good technicians? One way to successfully recruit new technicians is through the GM Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP). Learn what the ASEP program is all about and how you can sponsor a student.
  • New Brake Parts Cleaner Available – We're offering a new and improved low VOC brake cleaner. Learn more about this new product and its applications.
  • ASE Computer-Based Training – We're offering 230 testing sites and toll-free registration for the ASE computer-based testing. Find out all you need to know.
  • TECHtips – Need helpful tips for proper diagnosis? TECHtips is here! Topics covered in this issue include: service charging system message on DIC on Corvette and XLR models; V engine cylinder bank naming on GM vehicles equipped with a V engine; brake pad cracks on late model Sierra and Silverado models; battery charging precaution on select Mazda models; and discharged battery, slow starting on select 1990s GM models-it's all here.
  • Training Update – ACDelco's Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses provide hands-on instruction on the latest automotive systems. Learn what courses are currently offered.
  • New 6.6L Duramax Diesel Fuel Filter – There's now a way to offer better protection for the 6.6L Duramax Diesel engine in GM heavy-duty truck models-a new and improved fuel filter. Check out the important improvements this new filter offers.

2009 Issue 3

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 3, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • Fuel Pump Service – Gasoline additives sound great. But are they? Common additives today include: detergents, corrosion inhibitors, anti-icers, de-mulsifiers, deposit controls, and more. Learn their effects on fuel pumps and what to look for when performing a fuel pump diagnosis.
  • Cool Technology Covered in Latest A/C Seminar – Do you know everything you need to know when it comes to being cool? Check out ACDelco's updated air conditioning system seminar (S-AC07-03.01SEM). This course provides an overview of current and future A/C system service.
  • A/C Compressor Service Tips – Why do replacement air conditioning compressors fail four times more often than original compressors? And what can you do to help prevent the problem? Find out.
  • Overlooked Maintenance Items: Wipers and More – They're the little things that can have a big impact on safe driving. And wipers are just one of those items. Learn what the other "wear" items are and how you help your customers feel safer down the road.
  • Improper Use of Conductance Testing on New Batteries – How do you know if a new battery is up to full potential? First, you need to understand that a new battery has to be properly tested with a conductance-type battery tester, or the resulting CCA may be lower than indicated on the battery's rating label. Learn the proper way to perform a conductance test so you can know for certain.
  • Labor Times Now Available on WIP – Get it all at one source! We've made it easy for you to now check mechanical labor times AND parts pricing and availability using one application and no additional charge. Find out how to take advantage of this!
  • Expanded Wiring Sockets and Pigtails Search Tool – We've expanded and improved the wiring sockets and pigtails search tool to include more detailed information. Check out what's new!
  • GM New Vehicle Supplier Discount – Want to save on a new GM vehicle? TSS service center owners and employees are eligible for the GM supplier discount, on top of other incentives, on most new 2009 GM vehicles at participating GM dealerships. Get the required authorization number and get in on the fantastic savings! Learn more.
  • TSS Q&A – Get the answers you're looking for to common questions received by the ACDelco Customer Support Center. Find out what's covered in this issue.
  • TECHtips – Need helpful tips for proper diagnosis? TECHtips is here! Topics covered in this issue include: intermittent vehicle no crank/dead battery on select GM trucks and SUVs; low voltage display on select GM passenger cars; starter motor continues to run or crank on select 90s models of GM cars; and alternator bolt tightening on select Honda Civic models-it's all here.
  • Training Update – ACDelco's Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses provide hands-on instruction on the latest automotive systems. Learn what courses are currently offered.
  • Readers Show Off Their Rides – We have some American classics showcased in the Reader's Rides gallery on TechConnect Magazine Online. See the gallery and read the stories from fellow TSS shop owners and technicians.

2009 Issue 2

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 2, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • Programming Tips and Tools – To program or reflash–that is the question! But determining which to perform on an electronic control module is usually dictated by three conditions. Read what these conditions are.
  • Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Tools – Don´t be fooled! Imitation Tech 2 scan tools and GM Controller Area Network diagnostic interface (CANdi) modules are making their way to online auction and retail websites. There are some slight physical clues that identify a counterfeit tool. Find out what to look for.
  • New ACDelco Advanced Cooling System Diagnosis Seminar – It´s the major cause of mechanical breakdown on the highway according to the U.S. Department of Transportation: the failure of the cooling system. Learn what this important seminar covers.
  • Checking Coolant Hoses – They´re the lifelines that ensure proper engine operation. So what´s the best way to check the condition of the coolant hoses? If you answered X-ray vision, you´re right. But there´s a second, more realistic way: the squeeze test. Find out how to correctly perform it to help diagnose potential problems.
  • 2009 TSS Scholarship Deadline Approaching – Time is running out! The deadline for submitting an application for the 2009 scholarship is March 31, 2009. Learn what you need to do to apply.
  • ASE Testing – Don´t miss out! Take advantage of this opportunity to enroll in the ASE´s Certification Tests. You must register by March 31, 2009. Get more details about location and times.
  • Controlling Diesel Emissions – Modern diesel engines are cleaning up their act. The latest U.S. EPA diesel emission regulations were designed to combat diesel pollution and obtain gasoline-like emissions standards from diesel-powered vehicles. And new, more precise engine control technologies are key. Learn how they work.
  • TECHtips – Need helpful tips for proper diagnosis? TECHtips is here! Topics covered in this issue include why original OEM wheels may not need spacers; no, hard or slow start, backfire during crank/start on select GM trucks: starter failure, binding ignition, starter staying engaged on Ford truck models; noise from rear of vehicle during cold start on select GM cars; and no crank, starter terminal fatigue on select Ford and Lincoln vehicles–it´s all here.
  • Training Update – ACDelco´s Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses provide hands-on instruction on the latest automotive systems. Learn what courses are currently offered.
  • Show Your Ride – It´s your time in the spotlight! Whether you have a hot rod, street custom, all-original classic or muscle car--we want to see them. Find out how to submit your photos and information.

2009 Issue 1

ACDelco TechConnect Newsletter, Volume 16, Issue 1, 2009 Edition

Read about:

  • CAN Communications – CAN is a form of real-time safety-related and emission systems communication. So how does CAN work? Find out, plus how the new system reduces circuitry, and ultimately, helps improve reliability.
  • Search, Read and Comment at TechConnect Magazine – We´re making it easier to research topics and provide the answers you need. Want to read TechConnect in French or Spanish? Or provide a comment or ask a question on a recent article? If so, then the new TechConnect Magazine Onlineis for you!
  • Scan Tool Functional Diagnostics – The scan tool made it convenient to access a PCM, ABS and SRS ECU on GM cars in the late 1980´s. Find out what the most recent capabilities of the scan tool are and how this tool can benefit you–and ultimately–your customers.
  • GM VIN Cards – Traditional VIN Cards are going green! Starting with the 2009 model year, GM no longer will print Vehicle Identification Number Cards. But don´t worry; you can still access VIN information when you need to. Find out how.
  • Emission System Testing Tips – Before the government mandated On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) to combat hydrocarbons, testing for a leak at the cap-to-filler neck required an adaptor. Now, testing is easier, thanks to a new device. Learn what it is and how it can help.
  • When 4-Wheel Drive Fails – Let´s face it: there´s no good time for four-wheel drive to fail. Especially with winter weather in full swing. To determine the problem, you first need to follow a few steps. Learn what these are and how GM Parts products can make all the difference when it comes to necessary repairs.
  • 40,000 and Counting – What a milestone! ACDelco has recently hit the 40,000 mark for Instructor-Led Training course completions. Let´s keep the enthusiasm going strong. Find out what new courses will be introduced in 2009 to TSS service centers.
  • TSS Q&A – This month, we help you check your exclusively yours® points balance online. That will allow you to view Personal Reports, including thePerformance Report, which lists the amount of points earned year-to-date.
  • TECHtips – We´re here to help. Learn what might be causing an inoperative Remote Keyless Entry device, an inoperative shift indicator position on a Honda Accord V6, a slow blower motor on a 2004 Acura TSX, and proper air cleaner cover installation for certain Cadillac models — it´s all here.
  • Training Update – Interested in sharpening your skills? ACDelco offers numerous hands-on Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses at many convenient locations around the country. Check out the latest courses.

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