CONNECTION is a B2B online parts catalog and stand-alone ordering system for electronic parts sales. With CONNECTION you can check inventory and place an online order directly from your ACDelco parts supplier.

CONNECTION features parts for all makes and models based on your ACDelco parts supplier's inventory. Best of all, CONNECTION is internet based, so there is no software to install or update. CONNECTION makes it easy for a technical or counterperson to locate, view, and understand the right parts needed for the job. To make your parts ordering even easier and more efficient, our tool integrates into many of the top shop management systems. When you use the estimate or repair order function, it will automatically navigate to CONNECTION as a logged in user and the selected vehicle info from the estimate/RO will be passed into the catalog. All selected and/or ordered parts are automatically transferred back to the estimate/RO as well. Current integrations include Mitchell, ROWriter, GEMCAR, and Protractor. Additional integrations are in process so check back as we enhance our list. CONNECTION provides you EXCLUSIVE access to the following specialty catalogs and functions:

ACDelco Celebrates 100 Years!
If you are a registered user on, sign up to be eligible for upcoming ACDelco Centennial offers in May!

Simply sign in on CONNECTION, go to the PROMOTIONS page, and select REGISTER NOW in the ACDelco Centennial Rewards banner to ensure we have your shop owners name and email to be eligible.

Registered users of CONNECTION only. See CONNECTION for details, rules, and regulations.

Illustrated Catalog:
Contains system illustrations for GM engineering data from GM vehicles from 1992 to present. Zoom controls let you drill down to the level of detail you need. This specialty catalog also has detailed specs, pricing, distributor availability, product photos and more. Watch a demo of the Illustrated Catalog.

Wiring Pigtail & Socket Catalog:
Easy search functions by part number for pigtails by the number of cavities and gender. Or find the appropriate socket for your vehicle application.

Battery Catalog
Easy look up by battery type: automotive, powersports, marine, or other (industrial, agricultural, lawnmower, etc.). Information includes four product views, terminal locations, battery reset procedures, battery specs/technical information, buyers guide, MSDS, charging and testing procedures, battery construction, operation, warranty and more.


Local Inventory Tracking
Easy management of your local inventory with the ability to add/delete local parts, count local inventory and create refill/offset stock orders. Also produces local inventory turn analysis, refill analysis and sales analysis reports.

Capture your purchases that apply to both ACDelco national ePromotions and local ACDelco supplier promotions. System will allow you to link accounts at multiple suppliers to ensure all ACDelco purchases count toward ePromotions awards. National promotions include:

GM Service Information (GMSi)
Receive GM Service Information (GMSi) at NO additional charge for the following month once you reach a target of $3,000 in ACDelco purchases via CONNECTION in any given month. This promotion gives you access to the same GM Service information that was in printed service manuals available only at GM dealerships. (MA excluded.)

Technical Information System (TIS2Web)
CONNECTION users are eligible to earn back up to $1,000 of your TIS2Web subscription fee (Option 2) by purchasing ACDelco products. Utilize this information to quickly and correctly flash update vehicle computers. Contact your ACDelco representation or supplier for more details. (MA excluded.)

Other benefits include:

  • Ability to search parts and labor at the same time.
  • Ability to search and order from multiple branches at the same time to fulfill your order.
  • Ability to pull from multiple branches as necessary to fulfill the order.
  • Additional Smart Page information available on all selected parts:
    • - Related Part
    • - Graphics, technical info, warranty info and more
    • - Supersession history provided when applicable
    • - Recommended parts (easily and quickly add hoses to a radiator)
  • Parts interchange and Buyers' Guide
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish or French)

To begin ordering ACDelco parts, please access CONNECTION today. If you have questions, contact your ACDelco distributor, or contact the Help Desk at 800.825.5886, option 3.