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When a compressor fails, contamination is distributed throughout the refrigerant system. The type of failure determines the extent of cleanup. Flushing is only recommended after severe failure modes. Recommend inspection/replacement of OEM screens/filters as well as installing auxiliary filters to provide additional screen capacity for TXV/orifice.

In addition, to reduce cost at OEM installation, given the cleanliness of A/C systems at manufacture, compressor manufacturers have not provided compressor protection from debris. This was provided at one time. However, OEMs currently recommend that this protection be added for service compressor installation in the form of suction-line screens. ACDelco highly recommends this low cost highly effective protection with its suction screens that can be implemented with any compressor where the manufacturer does not provide a factory screen.

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Part #
Suction screen kits15-2118489037235
In-line filter kits15-1041389016656