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Technical and Business Training

For years, ACDelco’s training program has been a core competency and cornerstone of our business. As you know, a service repair business rises or falls on the know-how and skills of its technicians, therefore continuous training is the best way to keep up to date with the rapidly changing vehicle technology. To keep a leading edge, you need leading-edge training. That is why ACDelco offers a "Blended Learning" approach to its curriculum. And, our training is offered at no additional charge to ACDelco Professional Service Center program participant and Key Fleet accounts. For all others, the training programs are available for a fee.

Since everyone’s time is in high demand these days, ACDelco is making it easier than ever for you to take advantage of business and technical training. ACDelco is offering 24/7, on-demand, online, Web-based courses that you can complete based on your own schedule. These online courses will complement the instructor-led, hands-on course offerings that remain the core of ACDelco training.

Many of these online courses will teach the fundamentals needed to maximize the instructor-led courses before you arrive. This will allow the instructor-led courses to be shortened and minimize time away from your business without sacrificing learning. This "Blended Learning" approach will provide you with the resources you need to stay on the cutting-edge of technology to effectively diagnose and fix your customers’ vehicles right the first time.

There are a number of courses available:

  • Service Web-Based Training Courses
  • Service Seminars
  • Business Web-Based Training Courses
  • Business Seminars
  • TechAssist Training Modules
  • Instructor-Led Technical Training Courses
  • Self Study
  • Interactive Simulations
  • Virtual Classroom Training

ACDelco Professional Service Center Program Training Benefits

All ACDelco PSC program participants receive unlimited web-based courses. Instructor-led participation is included based on your level:

Red: 1 Student / ILT
White: 3 Student / ILT
Blue: Unlimited ILTs"

To enroll, click on the "Sign In!" button on the right of this screen. Once you are transferred to the new site, you can login in one of the following ways

  • Existing ACDelco PSC program participants and Key Fleet accounts simply sign in for full access
  • New accounts can click on the "Register to Purchase Training" to purchase any of our training classes
  • Become a guest user and get one month limited access to the LMS including two ACDelco web-based training (WBT) courses by clicking on "Register to Purchase Training"

Below is a brief description of the various course delivery methods:

Web-Based Training (WBT) courses deliver 1-4 hours of content through voiceover narration, text, graphics and animations and can be accessed through the LMS 24/7.
TECHAssist are shorter (15-20 minute) versions of WBTs that provide technicians content tailored to a specific task or procedure.
Simulation (SIM) are just as accessible and convenient as WBT and TECHAssist, but they have advanced functionality that further challenges the learner. Through simulations, users complete all the steps required to repair a vehicle concern.
Self-Study Training (SST) Materials are downloadable packets of basic-level technical information that non-technical users can review quickly to understand the technical aspects of various vehicle systems and components.
Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) courses are 1-2 hour courses presented by an ACDelco instructor. Training is presented live over the internet utilizing animations, graphics and videos related to the content.
Seminars (SEM) are typically presented by an ACDelco professional during the evening. Seminars usually last 3 to 4 hours and are interactive and fast paced.
Instructor-led training (ILT) courses are full-day courses presented by an ACDelco instructor. Training is presented utilizing vehicles and hands-on exercises.

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